I can only tell you what works for me with anxiety. And I figure I can’t help with specifics but I can help with the anxiety part.  It’s like an autoimmune disease. They all have different symptoms and there are ways you can fine tune the symptoms, but they all have the same base problem.

If you truly want help this is a good home base and its what I can provide on my end. As I have been battling anxiety and depression everyday for years.

Take who I am to you out of it.  At the core we are all the same. We all feel the same. All anxiety feels the same. It maybe from different sources but it all feels the same. And everyone has felt the same pain at any given time in their life.

I don’t need to go into what anxiety is at it’s core. You know physically what it is doing to you. You know that the first thing you have to do is get oxygen to your brain. That’s why breathing deeply and steadily has become a habit for me. It takes practice and thought.  But so does all of the stuff I do.  It’s a lot of mental work.

The people who suffer from anxiety and depression who don’t do the breathing are the ones that are on medication. I don’t want to be on medication so that is why I’ve chosen to work at relieving my anxiety.  But, maybe some people are too far gone and need the meds to help them get to this first step of breathing. I had been on meds I just knew I didn’t want to go back.

I had to watch my breath almost all day some days. As soon as a thought comes up that causes me anxiety I would just breath.  Not fully getting rid of the thought but looking at it while focusing on breathing.   The breathing almost puts a fog on the thought allowing you to see it for what it is.  Rather than enveloping your thoughts and mind in it.  Pretty soon I would find myself doing my breathing whenever I felt anxious.   The thoughts are still there but the breathing seems to adjust whatever chemicals are in my body so that I don’t overreact.

Anxiety is a physical part of us. And with all things physical we can adjust it physically.  Breathing is the first step. The next is finding a thought that brings you peace.  So that when you have your breathing under control and you feel like your stress thought isn’t so clear as day you can easily move onto your happy thought.

A happy thought is a place an instance, a person.  Anything that you can remember feeling a feeling that you loved.  Don’t over think it.  Just take the feeling.  And hold. it.  It doesn’t need to apply to anything currently.  Just hold it  It’s lovely.

Break out of the complex mind state. Get back to the roots.  Where did this anxiety come from.  And be honest with yourself.  It’s painful  and it’s hard.  But, you won’t get better if you aren’t honest with yourself.    I cannot stress this enough.  Where is the anxiety from? Find other times in your life you’ve felt it.  Look at it and feel it. Treat it as an entity.  Let your ego have it for a sec and step back and watch how your ego will beat it up.   Telling the anxiety how silly it is.  Don’t argue with your ego.  There’s not point.   Just watch a bit.   See the ridiculous of is.  That’s being honest with yourself.  You may need to do that several times.  But it works.

“The past has no power over the present moment.”
― Eckhart Tolle