Brene Brown famously and bravely spoke at a Tedtalk seminar about vulnerability and it exploded.   I will listen to that speech every couple weeks just to give me a pep talk.  She is down to earth, easy to read and listen to.  She is my number one go to girl for inspiration and the kick in the ass I need at times.
In last month O’s she talks about taking on too much, because you feel obligated etc. As people with a disease we can relate with saying yes to things when we really want to say no.   Not knowing how you’re going to be feeling 2 hours from now is one thing, let alone committing to something that may go on longer.   Learning to take care of ourselves and loving ourselves enough to say “No” is a hard learned lesson.

Below is a scan of the article.  Brene says her mantra is “Choose discomfort over resentment.”Brene