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Your body does not know the difference between thoughts and reality.

Your lying in bed awake again.  Imagining your busy day at work tomorrow.  You anticipate a confrontation with a fellow co-worker and you play the scenario out in your head.  What they may say.  How you will respond.  Making sure that you have every possible outcome covered.  As you imagine this fictionalized event your body reacts as if you’re standing right in front of your co-worker and having the conversation.  Heart races, body tenses, stomach sinks all the typical anxiety/stress symptoms.   You wonder why you can’t sleep and when you do sleep you wake up exhausted.  What we are doing to our bodies is completely unnecessary.  Our thoughts are controllable.

There’s nothing wrong with being prepared for things if they go wrong, but we don’t have to inundate ourselves with it.  Start to journal at night.  Writing your concerns and solutions down before you sleep.  Catch the offending thought and tell yourself that you don’t need to be thinking about that right now.  You took care of that thought already by writing it in your journal. There’s nothing you can do about it in the moment and when and if the situation arises you completely trust yourself to handle it perfectly.  Then focus on your hands.   By focusing on your hands you can start to feel them and by feeling them you are present.  And by being present you can chose a better path to put yourself to sleep.   Remember your body can’t tell the difference between your thoughts and your real life. So imagine you are at your the most peaceful and relaxing place you have ever been to.  My go to peace spot is sitting on the beach at night in Waikiki.  As you sit there in your imaginary spot start listing off all the awesome things you have in your life.  Throw in some “Good Jobs” for the awesome things you have accomplished thus far.   Make yourself feel peaceful and confident and before you know it you’re awake, it’s morning and surprisingly you feel pretty darn good and ready to take on your day.