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In 1996 my dad took me, my 4 siblings and my son to Disneyland. It was right before Christmas break and the park was dead. My brothers and sisters and I had such an amazing time running from ride to ride. To this day I can say that was near one of the most joyous occasions I have ever had and I have spent thousands of dollars trying to recreate it. Since 1996 I have been to Disneyland 6 more times. I have gone with kids and I have gone without kids and no matter what I come out of it let down, pissy and broke. This morning my husband texts me at 11:11 telling me to make a wish. Normally sequential numbers remind me to give thanks, but this time I immediately had this split second flash image of my husband and I in a big beautiful yard with a beautiful house behind us. I have no idea what this place was or where, but the feeling of peace and joy was overwhelming and I wanted it. I didn’t care where it was, I just wanted that feeling. This gave an idea, instead of wishing so badly to recreate that one time in Disneyland, what if I just wished to feel that amount of joy again with my siblings. Instead of wishing and praying and hoping to go to Waikiki again so that I can feel again how peaceful it was to lie on and beach and listen to the waves, what if asked to feel that peace again? What would it be like to feel that peace monthly, weekly, daily? Along with the experiences, we are also after the feelings they create. The awe and wonder of the Sistine Chapel. The calm and relaxing feeling of walking the beaches of Fiji. The comfort and secure feeling of having a million dollars in the bank. If we focus more  on the feelings instead of the event that created them, we will find that everyday life presents us with opportunities to feel like that. The awe and wonder of a crazy sunset. The calm and peacefulness of a quiet spring morning. The comfort and security and joy of a much needed and unexpected bonus cheque.

I still want to go to Disneyland, Waikiki and who wouldn’t love to have a million dollars in the bank, but until all that happens it’s comforting and exciting to discover that we can potentially have those feelings every day.  We rob ourselves of those feelings cause we think we shouldn’t feel them. That the event isn’t worthy of such joy, peace, comfort etc…cause it happens all the time and it’s not Disneyland.   The saying “Finding joy in little things” can apply to all positive fantastic emotions.  We just need to recognize the moments when they arise and allow ourselves to just FEEEEL them.