quotes-kickstart-change-paulo-coelho-600x411I always used to wonder how some people just seemed to have all the greatest experiences happen for them. Dream job, meeting celebrities, crazy travel experiences. I recently discovered that what these people were doing different than me was they were hoarding personal lottery tickets. A personal lottery ticket is something that you do to potentially give you a positive outcome down the road. Mailing a celebrity asking for an autograph, sending away a book you wrote off to a publisher, entering random contests. Most people don’t bother for fear of rejection, embarrassment or just straight up “I don’t win anything ever anyway.” These were my excuses my whole life and looking back I see many experiences I missed out on because I was too scared of failing and looking stupid. We need to have hopes and dreams. It’s what keeps us going on the mundane drab days. The most exciting part about having a lottery ticket in your wallet is the idea of potentially being a millionaire and waiting to check it. The most exciting part of having a personal lottery ticket is the idea of potentially having a dream come true. So, I say to you, throw caution to the wind and sow your lottery tickets wherever your dreams may lay. If one of your dreams isn’t a winner, try again. Make it a rule to always have 3 lottery tickets out there. Big or small. Anything that gives you joy. These potential lottery tickets may cost you nothing and can potentially give you what you wanted. All it takes is the courage to put yourself out there and to be seen. So what if postal workers gives you a funny look because you’re mailing your screenplay to Steven Spielberg. So what if you bomb in an audition and make an ass of yourself. Why do we allow ourselves to let complete strangers stop us from potentially getting what we want? Right now think of what you really want and do one thing that could potentially lead you to it. Then write your dream down put it on your fridge as a reminder that you have a lottery ticket out there. That you were brave enough to potentially make it happy. Have faith in yourself, your abilities and put value in your dreams and wishes.

Carpé Diem!