About Me

Advice Over Pie is about learning to Love ourselves first. It’s about the importance of realizing by making ourselves happy first then we don’t have to try and make others happy. It just happens. Advice Over Pie is all about Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness towards ourselves. Once we’ve mastered that we are truly free to Love, show Gratitude and Forgive others. Advice Over Pie is all about love. Everything is. All of it. Always.

I am campaigning to bring awareness to our self-talk and self-love. The concept is extremely simple, but easy to forget.  Treating ourselves with kindness value and respect should become a daily habit.   I created Buff Beads based on my article, Give Yourself a Love Buff as a way to remind myself to watch my self-talk and to be loving towards myself.  I then began to give them to family and friends who I thought could also benefit, from there the campaign has taken off and I am now spreading the word to others.  My goal is for everyone to feel the peace and joy that being respectful and compassionate to ourselves can bring.  Buff Yourself!

I began Advice Over Pie in 2010 as a way for me to expel severe anxiety after losing a job and suffering badly from Ulcerative Colitis.  As I have grown and changed so has Advice Over Pie.  And it will continue to change as I continue to grow.





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